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1946Founded in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya City in March
(design and manufacture of oil extraction machine for rapeseed oil)
1957Started business with Toyota Motor Corporation
(overhaul of lathe and milling machine)
1960Built a factory and dormitory in Kajita-cho, Obu City
1963Design and manufacture drilling machine (CD 250) for Corolla line
1967On-site remodeling and maintenance work started
1970Built finish assembly plant
1975Established Chita Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1981Built a new company building for office / design related office
1990Full-scale introduction of CAD
1991Announced a new logo of Chita Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1994Awarded for Cost Improvement by Toyota Motor Corporation
1996Awarded for Quality Control by Toyota Motor Corporation
1999Awarded for Safety Management by Toyota Motor Corporation
2000Jig production started
2004Awarded for Cost Reduction of new Crown
2006Built the second machining plant and cafeteria
2007Transfer robot production started
2008Built Kitasaki plant
2010Received Excellent Cost Award from Toyota Motor Corporation (for cam hole BO machine)
2013Local procurement for Thai jig started
2017Received the Best Cost Award from Toyota Motor Corporation
2017Local procurement for Chinese jig started
2017Inaugurated as Lead Arranger of the Eihoukai