Chita Machines

what's new
2008.10A Kitazaki plant was completed.

Chita Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
3-14 Kajita-cho, Obu-shi, Aichi 474-0071
TEL +81-562-48-2171

Specialized Machines Specialized Machines

Designing and production of specialized machines for auto parts
Designing and production of auto parts assembly and tire assembly machines

jigs Integrated services of jigs, wheel heads, and etc.

We are capable of a first to last process, from design all the way to development and debugging of the jig.

Alterations to Production Facilities/Maintenance

we are constantly in pursuit of customer satisfaction, and regardless of the model or maker, promptly attend to various maintenance needs.

Do you have a machine that is not running well?

Do you have a part that needs replacement?

Are you thinking about introducing machine safety improvement measures?